Blaise Garza

Blaise Garza

Blaise Garrett Garza (born February 10, 1989) is an American actor and musician. He played the role of Gregory Hudson on Another World, a role he played from 1994 to 1996.

An interesting fact about the circumstances of Garza's hiring is that it was the first audition he had ever been on and he was picked for his great attitude and personality as well as his maturity for his age. He was subsequently placed as the son of John (David Forsyth) and Sharlene Hudson (Anna Kathryn Holbrook). He later appeared in various television commercials, and was the poster child for White House Juice, as "Jimmy Juice." After various commercials and industrials, Blaise was cast in his first feature film, Solitude Point, playing the grandson of Bo Svenson and Mitsuko Baisho. Blaise appeared in several more commercials before he was cast in his next feature film All Over the Guy where he played a young Tom (Richard Ruccolo).

Blaise completed an interdisciplinary undergraduate music degree at UCSD in 2011. Upon graduation, he collaborated with the Museum of Making Music - a division of the NAMM Foundation - on it's exhibition "The Sound of Sax: How the Saxophone Won America's Soul." The exhibit featured rare and historical saxophones from the collections of Rob Verdi and Blaise Garza and ran until January 2013. Blaise's album "Low Standards" was released in 2012 to accompany the saxophone exhibit and features the Eb and Bb tubax and contrabass saxophone. Blaise performed with The Green and Rebelution on their “Peace of Mind" tour in 2012 and recorded saxophone on Sly Stone’s 2014 singles “One More Hit” and “Role Model”. Blaise has been performing with the Violent Femmes since 2004 and most recently recorded on their EP “Happy New Year” where he is featured on bass saxophone and piano.