Blaise Garza

Blaise Garza

"Energy" by Blaise Garza

•Alto Flute
•Bass/Contrabass Flutes
•English Horn
•Eb Clarinet
•Bb Clarinet
•Alto Clarinet
•Bass Clarinet
•Contrabass/Octocontrabass Clarinets
•Soprano Saxophone
•Mezzo-Soprano Saxophone
•EEb Tubax/ BBBb Tubax

•Bass/Contrabass Drum

•French Horn doubles on Eb Horn
•Piccolo Trumpet
•Trombone doubles on Alto Trombone
•Bass Trombone
•Contrabass Trombone

•Glass Armonica

•String Bass

•Marimba (to low C)
•Bösendorfer Imperial Grand Piano

"And Not About Bears" by Blaise Garza

Movement V of "One of the Movements About Bears Was Not with the Other People And Not About Bears":

•String Bass

"Tuesday" by Barry Lockwood


Blaise Garza - Baritone & Contrabass Saxophones
Jonathan Piper - Accordion
Burleigh Drummond - Drum Kit